Noonpetal is a beautiful, pearly cream and silver tabby she-cat with glistening blue-gray eyes like the sun in noon at the horizon.


Sister: Basilwing



Mentor: Firestreak

The Dawn of Dusk is NoonEdit

She is frist introduced when she and her sister, Basil, are abandoned kittypets. They are found by Brineminnow and Cypresspaw while they were training. The medicine cat, Violetbloom, gasps when she hears her name, and it is unknown why.

Then in the second chapter, it is in her perspective. She is noted to be a sharp and curious kit, very smart and self-protective. It is known that she doesn't have much connection between she and her sister, which is also very uncommon of such of two cats.

Talonpaw and she become friends, while Cypresspaw is very interested with both of them, studying them closely at most times. But Talonpaw despises her sister for some reason, maybe because all Noonpaw would do is clout him, and he wants her to.




"Huh... my pelt's itching. Did anything happen that I don't know of?

"A flea bit you, perhaps?"

--Cypresspaw and Basilpaw, rabbit hunt, topic on when Cypresspaw was suspicious on her relationship with Talonpaw.

Cypresspaw and Basilpaw are good friends from the time when Cypresspaw realizes what she really is like on that fateful rabbit hunt. That's why rabbits are now her favorite snack. It is hinted that she likes him, and is really jealous when she found out that he liked her sister, but does nothing. She isn't a mean cat, she's a kind, hardworking, cunning, and thoughtful cat. She won't be stupid and do something to hurt others. But then it is noted that Cypresspaw doesn't like Noonpaw, but Basilpaw. She is delighted.


"What are you looking at?"

" A dumbstruck tom."

-- Noonpaw and Basilpaw

Noonpaw and Basilpaw never really got well together, but they are both very protective of each other. In those rare times that they are together, it's a BLAST. :) Noonpaw and she were found, nearly apprentice age, when Cypresspaw and Brineminnow found them in the middle of leaf bare.


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