== Owlfoot== Owlfoot is a black tom with a white chest and paws and is a former warrior of BurnClan, now residing in ShadeClan.


Owlfoot is mainly a cold cat who doesn't like things to be upset-such as when Clawstar remained leader after he recovered. He is known for having a severe dislike of her because of this, and loves his kits, meaning=not completely evil.


On the WarpathEdit

He is talked about several times.

His scent is found on the territory of BurnClan and Nightpelt discovers it.

He makes his first appearance at the gathering as a new member of ShadeClan, and is seen staring coldly at Clawstar for a moment before turning his attention back to his leader.


Mentor: Goldenthroat

Apprentices: Whitefoot (Deceased, Verified StarClan member)


Sire: Unknown

Dame: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Mate: Shadowflight (Living, as of On the Warpath)


Tawnykit (Living, as of On the Warpath)

Brightkit (Living, as of On the Warpath)

Birchkit (Living, as of On the Warpath)

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