WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Owlpaw is a handsome dark gray tabby tom with pale blue eyes.


Mother: Leafwing

Sister: Blossompaw (SC)

Brother: Jaypaw (SC)

Two of the ThreeEdit

Drifting SteadilyEdit

He seems to like Brightkit, as even Frostkit notes. Brightkit doesn't know why; she's not very smart. It is revealed that he likes her because he sees a potential in the small kit's mind, and that she has a power, hidden inside.

He becomes very popular in the clan in this book.

In the fire, he helps Driftkit.

Snarling RedEdit

He has a conflict with his siblings, them being out of his league. Leafwing is very proud with him being successful, and not in them. When Blossompaw said that she loved Foxpaw, he was the first to jump in the arguement.

He watches bitterly as Jaypaw comes back from the ShoneClan-SlopeClan fight with Brightpaw. He doesn't like her anymore, being "too good for her now", but feels some resentment.

Is BrightEdit

Owlpaw's warrior name is revealed to be Owlnight. He chose it himself, perhaps to be opposite of Brightpaw.

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