Pebblefrost is a gray she-cat with dark gray paws and ear tip she has blue-ish stripes, was previously a kittypet

First Episode of: a Dark Breeze Edit

Pebble was originally a kittypet with her sister Hawk but is first shown in the camp of Breezeclan while Crowstar was appointing them as a new apprentices of Breezeclan. Crowstar also lets her go to her first gathering of the clans: Darkclan, Breezeclan, Lightningclan and Rainclan. Oakpaw, also a Breezeclan apprentice takes Pebblepaw around the FourOaks Nettlestar, leader of Darkclan, when it was his turn tells everyone about the new warrior in the clan: Woodpaw became Woodchip. Oakflame noted to Pebblepaw that he looked like the type of warrior that would be hard to put up with. Pebblepaw seemed quite interested in the new warrior of Darkclan before Oakpaw reminded her to not make friends with other warriors of other clans. Pebblepaw notices Hawkstorm chattering away to Icetalon, a Lightningclan apprentice but ignores it. Before the gathering breaks up Pebblepaw realizes Woodchip watching her

They head back to the Breezeclan camp

Family Edit

Sister: Hawk

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