Pebbleshine a silver-gray and white spotted she-cat with clear blue eyes.

History Edit

Pebbleshine was born to Mistheart and Darkwhisker. She and her brother , Greykit, always go into trouble until hawk-kit and Tanglekit was born. Pebblekit and Hawk-kit got on well until Pebblekit became an apprentice and they grew apart. When Hawkclaw became a warrior they became friends again but during pebbleshine's training her brother died of green cough and her mother and father died in battle. But when Hawkclaw became leader Pebbleshine thought she was going to be Deputy until she caught a white cough  and was in the medicine catden for a moon, but now she is glad that she isn't deputy because she can now fill out her dream of having a mate and kits.

Personality Edit

Pebbleshine is a happy, friendly but shy she-cat.She loves being out in the sun and swimming if she gets the chance. She is really scared to talk to toms cause she thinks that they will make fun of her. Most of the time she is aroung her friends , Spottedfire and Hawkstar, but woundn't mind if she has to mingle with the other she-cats. Pebbleshine hopes one day that she will have a mate that she is not scared to talk to and to have kits.

Family Edit

Father: Darkwhisker (decesed)

Mother: Mistheart (decesed)

Brother: Greypaw (decesed)

tree Edit

|                              Mistheart - - - - Darkwhisker
                               |                          |
                            Greypaw                     Pebbleshine

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