FallingClan Edit

Pebblekit is born to Nightwhisper and Lilacpetal. He is one of two of their litter. Mosskit, his sister and his first friend, introduced him to a kind-hearted female kit named Sunkit. Pebblekit became friends with her quickly. Sunkit had gained a slight crush on him, overtime. Pebblekit could never return her feelings.

When Pebblekit was old enough to become an apprentice, Sunkit was also ready to be apprenticed. They became Pebblepaw and Sunpaw. Pebblepaw got a mentor named Oakpelt, Sunpaw's mother. Sunpaw got Darkskies, the deputy.

When Pebblepaw was 11 moons old, a new kit came and introduced herself to Pebblepaw. Pebblepaw instantly fell in love with her admiration and courage. Firekit fell in love with him as well and the two became very close friends. Little did Pebblepaw know, Firekit was in love with another. Shykit. He was the son of Greysky and Darkskies.

Pebblepaw began to fall in love with Sunpaw when he started to separate from Firekit. Firekit and Shykit became apprentices. Shypaw and Pebblepaw became friends. Then Pebblepaw finally became a warrior along with Sunpaw. Those two became Pebbleslip and Sunpelt.

When Shypaw and Firepaw became warriors, they became mates, instantly. Pebbleslip started to ignore Fireheart. Soon, he fell deeply in love with Sunpelt. He asked her to be his mate and she gladly accepted. Fireheart fell into grief. She became a bit jealous. Pebbleslip didn't love Fireheart anymore, he only accepted her as a friend. Fireheart still loved him, though. Fireheart was soon expecting Shyspirit's kits. Silverkit and Wishkit.

But soon, a pack of wolves attacked the clan. Pebbleslip died protecting his mate, Sunpelt.

After a couple of moons Sunpelt was expecting four kits. Hawkkit, Viperkit, Finchkit, and Rainkit.

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