Petalstar Edit

Petalstar is a gray and white she-cat and is the leader of RiverClan. She is the oldest out of all four leaders, and a direct discendent of Petalfur.

Appearances Edit

Kitless Clan Edit

Petalstar is only seen at the gathering and in the allegiances. At the gathering, she is the first leader to arrive, and appears softspoken, as she doesn't talk much. But when WindClan accuse them of stealing prey, the RiverClan leader gets up and yowls in indignation that that isn't true.

Personality Edit

Petalstar appears softspoken and shy, but if accused, gets angered quickly.

Lives Left Edit

2 lives left.

Profile Edit


Kit: Petalkit

Apprentice: Petalpaw

Warrior: Petalstorm

Deputy: Petalstorm

Leader: Petalstar



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