Pinepaw is a golden tom with dark brown "highlights" sort of and green-blue eyes.


Brother: Cypresspaw


There is a rumor that he likes Eveningpaw, though it is unknown if it is true or not. It is known that he is a good friend of her, but his brother, Cypresspaw, seems to like her a lot. The rumor might have started when Maplepaw said to him "You like her, don't you," nudge nudge, giggle giggle, "you're one of my best friends, Pinepaw, and I notice how your eyes just MELT around her, and you go all googly.... you like her!" the fact that Maplepaw's Eveningpaw's best friend got her to tell Eveningpaw this. Eveningpaw doesn't believe it when Maplepaw tells her that "All he did was shush me and go red".

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