Poppypaw is, in the writer's opinion, a pretty white she-cat with splashes of gold, ginger, and brown, with amber eyes and a striped tail.

Flowering InsideEdit

Poppypaw, guarding her fresh kill until Frogclaw, her mentor came to retreive her, was bullied by Duskpaw and Riverpaw from Ledgeclan, but kept her cool. When a patrol from Duskpaw and Riverpaw's clan came, they also openly humiliated Poppypaw. Though seething with rage, Poppypaw did nothing until Frogclaw came back. When the two returned, Frogclaw praised her for being calm.

When she gets back to Fallclan, her clan, she was devastated to find that Fallowface, her mother, had been killed by a Ledgeclan patrol. Angrier to Ledgeclan than ever, Poppypaw storms to the apprentice's den, only to be ignored by the apprentices there, Bluepaw and Redpaw. To relieve her feelings, Poppypaw insults them in her head about how uninteresting their names were.

When Hollowstar says that they were going to war with Ledgeclan, Poppypaw feels sick. She was treated by Smokewhisker, the medicine cat. They get along fine. Smokewhisker weedles out what Poppypaw was so sick and grumpy about.

Later, Poppypaw feels better, and is actually happy to go to battle with Ledgeclan. She talks animatedly to her friend, Crowkit, about what would happen. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ledgeclan attacks their camp.

Poppypaw, feeling like an idiot, fights numbly back as Duskpaw and Riverpaw attack her. When it seemed that she was beaten, Crowkit came out of nowhere and saved her from Riverpaw's lunge.... but killing Crowkit. Horrified, Poppypaw attacks full out on both apprentices, shocked about how powerful she was.

The battle ends soon after. As she grieves for Crowkit with Smokewhisker, he tells her a secret; he had a dream that the Starclan cat, Moss-spirit, told him a prophecy. Moss-spirit showed him a bud in a meadow. Moss-spirit asked what Smokewhisker saw. Smokewhisker says, a bud that was not flowering.

Moss-spirit then cuts the bud open and says, "the poppy is flowering from the inside, and only a cut would let it out to bloom."

Smokewhisker believes that the poppy was Poppypaw, and that she wouldn't grow up and get better if she didn't get "cut open", or hurt emotionally.

Smokewhisker also adds that the poppy in his dream bloomed bigger and more beautiful than any in the meadow. Poppypaw, who is really shocked, shakes it off and says, "What if it was just Flowerstone?". Flowerstone is the deputy.

Smokewhisker dismisses her, and Poppypaw goes to the apprentices' den, grieving still for Crowkit. Crowkit's mother, Cloudstream, is seen from outside. Poppypaw joined her.

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