Puddlepaw is a silver she-cat with a white chest and darker paws and tail tip and amber eyes.


Not every cat is perfect, and Puddlepaw's figured that out with no difficulty. She's above average on most things but has no special talent. Or does she? For now, Puddlepaw lives in a world of being the innocent victim of nearly everything, being the most deep and smart, but is just not brave enough to act out her plans. But will she in the future? Only time would tell.

Puddlepaw's come a long way from being a snobbish idiot to being a very social and modest cat. She's very perceptive, but, ironically, doesn't know what to do at most times. Eh :P

You know, this cat reminds me of Alex Rider....


Father- Shadowfox

Mother- Rainbowpelt

Brother- Gustpaw


Because of her "innocincy" (how do you spell that? lol) Puddlepaw is usually one of the favorite cats in the book series.

Puddlepaw is nearly blind.

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