Quailpaw is a dark mottled brown tom.

History Edit

Quailpaw is a fierce and loyal cat. He is the son of Dustfleet and Goldenflower, and shares his father's fighting skills. Quailpaw was left with SnowClan when Dustfleet was traveling with him and his brother, Snakepaw. When Quailpaw was young, he loved to play fight with his siblings. When his sisters died, Quailpaw became depressed, often moping around. Playing with Snakepaw cheered him up. He became extremely sick when Dustfleet took them through SnowClan territory, and he begged Icestar to let him stay. In SnowClan, his mentor is Ottertail, who often pushes him to his limit when training.

Education Edit

Mentor: Ottertail

Family Edit

Father: Dustfleet - Living

Mother: Goldencloud - Living

Brother: Snakepaw - Living

Sisters: Frostkit, Cinderkit - Both Deceased, Verified StarClan members

Uncle: Whitestar - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Tree Edit

                                          Maplepelt --- Thistlewind
                      ---------------------------------------------------               Shadeheart -------- Nightclaw
                       |                                               |                                |
    Unknown Tom --- Wiltstar                                      Snowstripe ------------------------ Oakfur
                       |                                                               |
                       -----------------------------                     ----------------------------
                       |                           |                     |                          |
  Goldencloud ---  Dustfleet                   Whitestar             Mistywood                  Dawnpelt ---- Yellowfur
                       |                                                                                   |
               --------------------------------                                                         Lightpaw
               |          |        |         |
           Snakepaw  Quailpaw  Cinderkit Frostkit

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