Rainpaw is a pale gray she-cat with darker gray flecks. She has brilliant ice blue eyes. She is an apprentice of WindClan, daughter of Sedgewhisker and Emberfoot, and her warrior name will be Raindapple.

History Edit

Rainpaw has only been an apprentice for almost one moon. She is bright, bold, and curious. Always the first to try new things and sometimes overly enthusiastic, she sometimes gets on the nerves of the senior warriors, but quickly makes it up by always bring back the best prey and being fiercely loyal. She has two littermates, Sunpaw and Flashpaw. Their warrior names will be Sunblaze and Flashbreeze. She also may, just a little, have a crush on the young apprentice, Oatpaw. Her mentor is Larkwing. Sunpaw's mentor is Gorsetail and Flashpaw's mentor is Weaselfur.

Family Edit

Mother: Sedgewhisker

Father: Emberfoot

Sister: Flashpaw (Flashbreeze)

Brother: Sunpaw (Sunblaze)

Aunts: Moonshine, and Spottedwish

Grandmother: Lilystripe

Grandfather: Rabbitclaw

Great-Aunts: Flowerwish, Ryefur, and Flamecloud

Mentor: Larkwing

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