Rainpaw is a dappled gray tom.

Education Edit

Mentor- Silvermist - living as of Changing Seasons

Family Edit

Sister: Turtlepaw

Rainpaw's Biography Edit

Rainpaw was first mentioned in the alliegences as a apprentice, along with his sister Turtlepaw. Soon after, Rainpaw goes to do his last hunting assessment before he became a warrior, and it starts to storm. The hunters decide to hide in a tunnel near the Serpant River. After the storm passes, the two warriors, Silvermist and Thunderbird, and Rainpaw come out from their hiding places, just to find out that they were underwater. Silvermist saves her own life by holding onto a fallen branch wedged between two rocks, but Thunderbird and Rainpaw were still riding in the flood. A MeadowClan border patrol passes nearby and sees the incident, and decides to try to save the two MountainClan cats. Moonfrost manages to haul Thunderbird onto the shore, but he dies shortly after, due to breathing in too much water. Fawnpaw(whisker) tries to save Rainpaw but fails, rescued by her father, Eagleheart. Rainpaw was never seen again, most cats think he is dead. His sister, Turtleshell, mentions him and how brave and strong he was before he died.