Affiliation: WindClan
ShadowClan (Formerly)
Status: Apprentice
Apprentice: Songpaw, Rainpaw
Description: light gray tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes and darker ears
Family: None known
Brightstorm, Liontail
Appearances: Irresponsible
Warning! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.
"The reason I left ShadowClan is because I think that they are extremely irresponsible."
- Songpaw to Snowstar and Mouse-ears, Irresponsible


In the Virtues SeriesEdit


Mouse-ears, a WindClan elder, tells the WindClan leader Snowstar that Songpaw should not be allowed to join WindClan as there were newborn kits in the camp. Snowstar gives Songpaw permission to speak and Songpaw says, "The reason I left ShadowClan is because I think that they are extremely irresponsible. They let a prisoner train in camp when kits were just born! And the father of the kits brought one of them to his den without the mother!" Snowstar nods and says that she may join, and she changes Songpaw's name to Rainpaw.

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