== Rainstrike== Rainstrike is a dark gray, almost black tom with sleek fur, shredded ears, and one eye, the other having been lost in a fight with a dog.


Sire: Deathclaw (Unknown whereabouts)

Dame: Greensoul (Unknown whereabouts)

Brother: Bloodtalon (Unknown whereabouts)

Mate: Matilda (Deceased, as of The story of my Life)

Niece: Shadefern (Living, as of The story of my Life)

Nephews: Talonslash (Unknown whereabouts)

Rattooth (Unknown whereabouts)

Stick (Deceased, as of The story of my Life)

Great-nieces: Bo (Unknown whereabouts)

Seed (Unknown whereabouts)

Appearances- The story of my LifeEdit

In this narrative, Rainstrike tells of his life up to joining ThunderClan. He is first seen opening his eyes on a cold winter day, with his brother a few feet away, and mother beside him, stiffening as he comes close to her. It leads to an event that is truly shocking-both cats hate their own flesh and blood before leaving them to die, with Rainstrike and Bloodtalon huddled together just to stay alive, starving and cold.

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