Raintail is a dark blue grey tom with a darker grey tail and blue eyes

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

History Edit

In the Wildness Series Edit

The Secrets

Rain is a loner and wonders onto Thunderclan camp. Tawnystar asks him about his family, Rain said that his parents were hit by monsters and he ran off with his brother but before they made it to the clans his brother fell into the river and drowned. He was made into an apprentice Rainpaw, his mentor was Flametail. He and Wishpaw got along very well but he and Darkpaw fought alot. He had started to like Wishpaw and Darkpaw and him fought over her. One day Wishpaw and him found a rich herb place in the middle of Shadowclan and Thunderclan. After awhile Shadowclan started to fight over the land, but he and Darkpaw fought during the battle. Wishpaw was horrified and ran off Rainpaw ran after her. When Darkpaw entered the camp Rainpaw slashed three scars near his eyes area, scared Rainpaw ran off. Some time in the book Rainpaw gets his warrior name Raintail, he and Wishshine now, become mates, leaving Darkscar with Dreamcatcher. Raintail is very happy when Wishshine goes into the Nursery and she is pregnant with kits. The book ends after that.

Family Edit

Mother Unknown: Might be deceased Suspected as a Starclan member

Father Unknown: Might be deceased Suspected as a Starclan member

Brother Unknown: Deceased Suspected as a Starclan member

Mate Wishshine: Living as of The Secrets

Tree Edit

Unknown she-cat------Unknown tom
              |         |
       unknown tom  Raintail----Wishshine

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