Rippleclaw is a handsome, muscular dark gray tabby tom with blazing amber eyes.

Family Edit

Mate: Silverfox

Son: Blazepaw

Daughter: Foggypaw

The Featherclans: Finchclan Edit

Ripplecalw joins Ffinchclan and soons meets Silverfox, his clan's deputy. They become really close always enjoying each other's company and having different things to talk about. He soon falls in love with Silverfox, and they become mates. He's always caring for her and is happy when he finds out he's gong to be a father.

One day he finds Silverfox and takes her to the nursery because she was abut to start kitting. Even thought he doesn't know how to deliver kits and is scared he keeps Silverfox calm. He is relieved when Eveningpaw comes and helps Silverfox deliver the kits. Silverfox and him name the kits Foggykit and Blazekit. Foggykti looks more like him, while Blazekit looks a lot liek his mother.

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