Roseclan is a clan living on a mountain near the sea and the forest.

They live along with Lilyclan, Poppyclan and Fernclan.

List of cats:Edit


Leader: Edit

Oakstar, brown tabby tom

Apprentice: Sorrelpaw


Cinderstream, Gray white she-cat with blue eyes. Swiftwing's sister and Bluerain's mate.

Apprentice: Starpaw

Medicine cat:Edit

Dewdapple: light ginger she-cat with green eyes. Starshine's sister.

Apprentice: Silverfire

Warriors:Ivy claw green graceful catEdit

Milkpelt: creamy white tom with blue eyes. Crystalnose's brother.

Apprentice: Blossompaw

Bluerain: beautiful blue-gray tom with blue eyes. Cinderstream's mate. Father of Blossompaw and Fernpaw.

Apprentice: Poppypaw

Mousepelt: gray she-cat with yellow-orange eyes. Cinderstream's old mentor.

Apprentice: Ravenpaw

Honeymuzzle: Light-brown tabby tom with light-green eyes. Crystalnose's mate. Loves Cinderstream too, but can't be her mate.

Apprentice: Fernpaw

Crystalnose: white she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Moonpaw and Starpaw.

Apprentice: Moonpaw


Swiftwing: brown she-cat with white stripes and yellow eyes. Mother of Cherrykit and Thunderkit.

Mountainfrost: black she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting kits from Eveninglight.

Destiny: white-brown she-cat with yellow eyes, old kittypet, but joined RoseClan. Expecting kits from Oakstar.


Sorrelpaw: white tom with brown and gray patches and light-blue eyes. Cinderstream and Roaring Lion On A Rock's son.

Fernpaw: Gray tom with light-blue eyes. Cinderstream and Bluerain's son.

Blossompaw: light-blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. Cinderstream and Bluerain's daughter.

Poppypaw: four colored tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow-green eyes. Daughter of Flamenight and Cinderstream.

Silverpaw: silver-gray colored she-cat with blue eyes. Daughter of Flamenight and Cinderstream.

Ravenpaw: black and white tabby tom with yellow-green eyes. Son of Flamenight and Cinderstream.

Moonpaw: Shiny white she-cat with orange-yellow eyes. Daughter of Crystalnose and Honeymuzzle.

Starpaw: Shiny white she-cat like her sister, but with green eyes. Daughter of Honeymuzzle and Crystalnose.


Starshine: light-ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Redheart's mate. Mother of Roseclaw, Cinderstream and Swiftwing.

Cheetahspot: bright-ginger tom with darker spots. Father of Honeymuzzle.

See also:Edit

Milkpelt Redheart

Sorrelmist Roseclaw

Poppylight Swiftwing

Fernleaf Flamenight

Ravensong Bluerain

Silverfire Roaring Lion On A Rock



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