Rosesky is a white she-cat with green eyes and ginger patches.

MistClan HistoryEdit

Rosesky joined MistClan after she was a loner, she was very pretty and attracted a tom named Sunstep. She easily warmed up to the Clan and Sunstep wanted to see if she could go hunting at the Lake, when they went hunting they became good friends. After Sunstep caught her a fish Sunstep started to have feelings for her, since she was beautiful and nice. The next day Rosesky went to the Pine Forest but bumped into Mosseyes, not really a close friend. She didn't know Sunstep was looking at her, when she was talking to Mosseyes. Mosseyes talked for a bit but then asked her something, if she would be her mate. Rosesky was very nice and didn't want to dissapoint him so she said yes, sadly she liked Sunstep more and was dissapointed when he asked instead of Sunstep.

One day Rosesky became pregnant and she took Sunstep to the field, she told him something suprising. They were his kits, not Mosseyes. Sunstep was very suprised and wondered how, but Rosesky was carrying kits for a while now. The next day Rosesky went into labor and Mosseyes didn't even come, due to warrior duties. Sunstep suprisingly came instead, the medicine cat, Cinderstripe helped her with her kitting.

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