In the beginning Edit

Rosestorm was born to two unknown thunderclan cats. Little is known about her past as a warrior except the fact she was one of the apprentice cats that killed Bone.

Meeting FruitstormEdit

One day while on dawn patrol with sandstorm and cinderpelt, Rosestorm met Fruitstorm, a clanless cat that had wondered into the forest. Fruitstorm and Rosestorm fell in love and eventually had two kits, Thunderkit, Boldkit and Thunderpaw

The clan war`s Edit

As time went on Rosestorm and Fruitstorm's love continued to grow....That is until the clan wars started.Shortley after the clan wars started Rosestorm and Fruitstorm decided to take them to the twoleg place were both the kits,and Rosestorm would try to spend the rest of their lives as kittey pets. Fruitstorm had decided not to go, Froitstorm said his place lied with thunderclan, said goodbye and went off into the forest. Fruitstorm`s current status is unknown.

A new beggining Edit

coming soon

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