Leader of WindClan

Past Afflications

WindClan, The Council of the Elements, Loner, The Rebels

Current Afflication



  • Blueheart (Father)[1]
  • Mudspots (Mother)[2]
  • Brookpaw (Foster Kit) [3]
  • Flashpaw (Foster Kit)[4]


Blueheart [5]




  • Ancient Powers, by Shigura
  • Seeking Light, by Shigura


The Sorrow Begins, Blood Shall Flow, Everything will End, Darker than White, Fire will Freeze, Whispers of Night, Worse than Abandoned, Red on White, Fallen and Lost, Powers of Darkness, Dead, Dark Stars, Heart of Night, Loyal No More, The Sorrow Ends, Ancient Powers: Super Edition, Riding the Wind

Past Names

Ruinpaw (Apprentice, Loner), Ruinstone (Warrior, Deputy)

Ruinstar is a stone gray tom with green eyes.[6] Ruinstar has faint brown scorch marks up his muzzle and shoulders.[7]

History Edit

(Coming Soon)

References Edit

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