Runningkit is a beautiful, pale silver tabby with semi-length fur and deep and knowing brilliant eyes like the sky of bright dusk and is slightly chubby but looks good like that with slightly long legs.

Formerally Running Skies, because the skies change color and everything every day. Runningkit was that kind of hyper and smart kit who talked her mind, which was vast. Since she thought too much, she talked too much. Running Skies fit her perfectly. Besides, she was born on the day of the Black Dawn, when suddenly, the sky, amber and glowing sweet, turned black, then into violet and then blue and sunny yellow.


Runningkit is what her name implies- she runs and is very nice and enthusiastic. Runningkit is also very cunning. But unfortunately, almost all of the times she tries to do something (like she comes up with a brilliant speech) it comes out wrongly, not at all what it was supposed to be, since she didn't count on some factors. She's a very perceptive cat. When she was first born, Runningkit was a very shy and fantasising kit. She dreamt too much. But then she moved from the Tribe of Swaying Willows to Valleyclan. At first, she was the same but even more shy. But then she made friends and began to fit in, then became one of the most liked and talked to cats in her clan. She was now very social but still the perceptive, doubting, and confused about life kit that she was.


Refuel Edit

Runningkit is born in the Tribe of Swaying Willows. She doesn't have friends, except for Ray Shining on Puddle. Ray thinks that she is a very stupid kit, in both life and thoughts, but very nice and all.

When she moves to Valleyclan, she got a culture shock. But, shockingly, after just a couple of days, she fit in and became one of the smartest and most bright kits of all, with ultra perceptive powers you can think that she could tell the future or read minds or something extra-ordinary.

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