Sandstorm is a ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes

family Edit


Mythclans Edit

Sandpaw first joined as an apprentice...a very....strange one. She used to have a small apprentice crush on Blueberry, but not anymore...She realizes well...can't rush love.

She becomes a warrior soon after

She becomes friends with Sootwhisker, Dreampetal continuosly pesters her screaming"SOOTWHISKER AND SANDSTORM FOREVER!!!!!" but really, they're just friends.

Amberheart becomes jealous of Sandstorm because she gets along with Sootwhisker so well...but then again, Amberheart likes every tom she meets.

Unknown to most but Sandstorm had a crush on Dustflame first but then Duskclaw but not Sootwhisker since she only thought of him as a friend.

Duskclaw spends a lot of time with Sandstorm and Sandstorm really liked him but then Mythclans was destroyed and She didnt see Duskclaw for a long time


Sandstorm joins doveclan with her sister Berrysplash.She gets lonely since neither Duskclaw,Dustflame or Sootwhisker was there

Sootwhisker soon appears and he becomes Sandstorm's mate.


Sandstorm is currently expecting Sootwhisker's kits

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