Medicine Cat of ThunderClan

Past Afflications


Current Afflication



Shadowheart (Father), Midnaclaw (Mother), Twiliclaw (Grandmother), Northkit (Sister)






Skies of StarClan, by Shigura


Stars of Destiny, Clash of Claws, A Fire in the Night, The Fallen Star

Past Names

Greykit (Kit), Scarkit (Kit), Scarpaw (Medicine Cat Apprentice), Scarstripe (Medicine Cat)

Scarstripe is a grey tom with many scars that resemble stripes down his backside. He is the Medicine Cat of ThunderClan.

Childhood Edit

"'Wait! She's been poisoned!' Scarkit yowled, dashing towards the ThunderClan Deputy."
- Scarkit explaining to Twilightpelt that Bolta had poisoned Dewclaw

Greykit (Scarstripe) was born in ShadowClan to Shadowheart and Midnaclaw during Redstar's leadership. He was brother to Northkit, his white furred sister. Five moons after his birth, Bengal attacked ShadowClan, killing Northkit. Twiliclaw escaped with Greykit, but not until Bengal claws Greykit down his back, leaving deep gashes that would eventually become his stripe-like Scars. Redstar re-named Greykit to Scarkit, and that was when the adventurous kit decided to leave ShadowClan.
Scarkit travelled west, until he came across the recently attacked ThunderClan camp. He witnessed Bolta, one of Bengal's followers, forcing Dewclaw, the deputy to eat Deathberries. After they had left, Scarkit saved Dewclaw's life by feeding her Yarrow just moments before she would have died. Fernstar, the leader of ThunderClan at the time, had died, and in a dream from StarClan, Lightningstrike, the Medicine Cat, announced that Twilightpelt was to become the next leader. As he had saved Dewclaw's life, Scarkit was invited to go to the Moonpool with Twilightpelt and Dewclaw.
After Twilightpelt had recieved his nine lives, Scarkit was brought back to the camp and was invited into ThunderClan. As he was now six moons old, Lightningstrike decided that the new kit was to be his apprentice, and Scarkit once again travelled to the Moonpool to become Scarpaw, Lightningstrike's apprentice.
After six moons of training, Scarpaw recieved his Medicine Cat name, Scarstripe.

Role in 'Stars of Destiny' Edit


""I don't know. I just went back in to see what was taking Lightningstrike so long to come out, and..." Scarstripe took a deep breath, and looked down at Lightningstrike. "
- Scarstripe explaining to Lovestar

Scarstripe is not seen until Chapter Nine, where he comforts Lovestar at the Mysterious death of Lightningstrike. Scarstripe is then the full Medicine Cat of ThunderClan. He is not seen again.

Role in 'Clash of Claws' Edit

"Scarstripe sighed. "I could have healed myself..." he trailed off, before being hushed by Midnaclaw. "
- Scarstripe resisting against Snowstorm

Scarstripe is not seen until Chapter Seven, where Lovestar rescues him from DarkClan attackers. Scarstripe, Lovestar and Dogface flee, their clan following behind them. He is seen in Chapter Eleven, where he is being healed by the ShadowClan Medicine Cats, Snowstorm and Willowleaf. He is not seen again.

Role in 'A Fire in the Night' Edit

" "You're... a RiverClanner." Scarstripe backed away, the stench of RiverClan entering his nose. "
- Scarstripe showing a bit of dislike for the Starry RiverClanner in his dreams

Scarstripe plays a very minor role in A Fire in the Night, seen only in Chapter Four. Scarstripe takes Breezeflight back to camp, after she was attacked by Acefire. He also recieves the Great Prophecy from a StarClanner, before waking up. He is not seen again.

Role in 'The Fallen Star' Edit

" "I... recieved a prophecy. But what worries me is that it was never finished- the cat telling me the prophecy fell before she could tell me." "
- Scarstripe speaking to the other Medicine Cats at the Gathering

Scarstripe is first seen in Chapter One, speaking to the other clan Medicine Cats. He discusses the prophecy with Jadeflick and Snowstorm, and then leaves. He is seen again in Chapter Nine, tending to Lovestar's wounds. He is not seen again.

Family Edit

Father: Shadowheart, a brown tom with black eyes.
Mother: Midnaclaw, a scarlet she-cat with black markings.
Grandmother: Twiliclaw, a scarlet she-cat with black streaks.
Sister: Northkit, a white she-kit. Deceased.

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