Scratch is the main antagonist in the fanfiction RainClans' Beginning.




Scratch is a creamy white she-cat with numerous scars.


BloodClan, RainClans' Beginning

Rouge, RainClans' Beginning


Kit, Unknown

Guard, Scratch

Rouge, Scratch

Book AppearancesEdit

Scratch first appears talking to Hiss in BloodClan territory. It soon becomes clear that Scratch is a member of BloodClan. She and Hiss talk to Striker about a family that were breaking the rules of BloodClan. Striker decides that, because Scratch had killed without thinking, that she should die. One of his guards is about to kill her when Hiss tells the leader of BloodClan about a group of rouges that had disobeyed the rules of BloodClan. Striker decides that Scratch can live if she leads an attack on the rouges. Scratch and Hiss then leave. Rainstar and Acornfoot watch the exchange, and find out that Scratch is looking for cats to join the attack. She appears much later, leading the attack against the rouges. When Rainstar kills Hiss, Scratch is obviously angry and swears revenge on him before retreating the attack.

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Mother - Unknown

Father - Unknown

Siblings - Unknown

Mate - None

Kits - None


Scratch did love Hiss, although it's unknown whether Hiss shared the affection.

Scratch wasn't going to stay a character for very long, but Sparrowfeather decided to keep her anyway.

Scratch is creamy white because Sparrowfeather was tired of stereotypical 'bad guys'.

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