He used to be a member of shadowclan but when Lightpaw was killed he went crazy, including killing the leader of shadowclan and was exiled.

Shadowpelt is a handsome black tom with red eyes. He has a rhombus (diamond) shaped white patch of fur on his forehead. He has a scar (width wise) on his stomach from two-leg trash. He fell in love with Lightpaw while they were apprentices and slept together. He found out that she was going to have kits, but she was killed when riverclan invaded shadowclan.

Family Edit

Mother: Snowflake

Father: Dark rock in fast stream

Siblings: None

Mate: Lightpaw (deceased)

Traits Edit

Abnormally large claws

Amazing fighting skills

Hired by clans to assassinate other cats, for mice of course.


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