Shimmerpelt is a character in the fanfiction RainClan's Beginning


Shimmerpelt is a tuxedo she-cat with yellowy-green eyes.




RainClans' Beginning, Loner

RainClans' Beginning, RainClan


Loner, Alice

Medicine Cat Apprentice, Shimmerpaw

Medicine Cat, Shimmerpelt

Book AppearancesEdit

Shimmerpelt is introduced when she drives off a dog that was in a battle with RainClan. She sees the state of the members and orders Rainstar, Mintwhisker, and Fogshade outside, while staying with Eaglewing to help Acornfoot. Once they get to a good place, it is shown that she knows what to do with a hurt cat. She reveals that her loner name is Alice, and Rainstar decides that he wants her in RainClan. She gets some cobwebs and is about to place it on when Fogshade tells her she knows some herbs that can stop infection. Shimmerpelt seems slightly resentful of this, but finds the correct herb (marigold), and she and Fogshade apply it to the wounded. When it is Rainstar's turn to be healed, she attempt to comfort him but instead has the oppisite effect. She finally convinces Rainstar to lie down and applies the herbs. Later, she asks where RainClan is going and hears the story. Shimmerpelt doesn't seem to believe it, but still suggests that RainClan spend the night. They accept. The next morning, she and Fogshade are looking over herbs and talking. Shimmerpelt tells Rainstar that Eaglewing and Mintwhisker are hunting and goes back to herbs. Later, Shimmerpelt announces her intention to join RainClan, even though she thinks that it's an insane idea. She travels on with RainClan and seems to get along extremely well with Fogshade.

Coming soon!


Coming soon! (Actually, hasn't been decided yet.)


Mother - Unknown

Father - Unknown

Brothers - Unknown

Sisters - Unknown

Mate - None

Kits - None


Alice was named Alice after Sparrowfeather watched 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Shimmer was one of the loner names consitered for Shimmerpelt, along with Alice and May.

Alice looks like a (male) cat Sparrowfeather once owned.

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