She is a small ginger she-cat with a flame-colored pelt, white-tipped tail that looks like a fox's, and peaceful silver-gray eyes. When cats don't see her face they mostly think they're looking at a fox. She got her name because of her silver eyes, and her fox-like tail.


She is a small pure black she-cat with a white-tipped tail that looks like a fox's, whiet paws and shimmering silver-gray eyes. She got her name because of her silver eyes, and her fox-like tail.

RP Family Edit

Mate: Rippleclaw

Son: Blazekit

Daughter: Foggykit

She has no other known family.

When she was a kit she was found near an abandoned twoleg nest, but had no scent of being a kittypet and was too young to remember anything.

Education Edit

Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice: None yet

Personality Edit

She is the funniest, smartest, best advice giver, most lovable, outgoing, bubbly, sometimes flirty, pretty little she cat you will ever meet. She is sweet and quiet. She treats every cat as if they were family and loves them all very much. She would never dream of killing a cat no matter what they had done. She rarely has a temper and is very patient. When she was a kit she wished of becoming her clan’s next medicine cat, when she was an apprenticed she trained as a medicine cat apprentice, but decided to follow the life of a warrior. As a result, now that she is her clan's deputy she has lots of knowledge about herbs and healing cats, which help her a lot in different occasions. She is always trying to welcome other, show them teh territory and help them.

RP The Featherclans: Finchclan Edit

She becomes the deput of Finchclan. Her leader is Indigostar. She is very friendly towards others, her and other clans, always welcoming them. Silverfox always tries to help her leader, Indigostasr as much as she can. She helped name one of the Ravenclan's leader's, Ravenstar, kit. She starts liking a tom called Rippleclaw, and finally falls in love with him. They eventually become mates. She soons realizes that she's expecting kits. Rippleclaw always helps her and makes sure she's ok.

One day she starst kitting and delivers two healthy kits with teh help of Eveningpaw and Rippleclaw. Rippleclaw and her name them Foggykit, and Blazekit. She is really happy and is surprised when they can speak so fast.

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