SkyClan lives in the region of Clans called the AdventureClans. These cats are built for speed and are generally tall, long-limbed, and quick to run through the meadows to catch their prey. They are also know to be great jumpers. They feast on birds and rabbits. These cats are extremely loyal and willing to kill or die for their own Clan. Their camp is inside a small, close-knit sircle of trees, the only trees in the territory besides on the borders. The dens are in and between small and large boulders.

Current AlliegenciesEdit

Leader: Russetstar-A tall, russet-colored she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy: Kestrelclaw-A handsome dark brown tom with black leopard flecks and green eyes

Medicine Cat: Waterwing-A beautiful gray she-cat with mystic blue eyes


Coming Soon

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