Family Edit

Mother is Rosewing and father is Landstorm, who is part of the windclan. And Shadowclaw's sister, Tumblestripe.

Appearances Edit

Kitless Clan Edit

Smallwhisker first appears with his mother, Maple (later Mapletail), fighting a fox off from their den. Three ThunderClan cats show up: Sparrowstar, Goldenfoot, and Yewbranch. All three help the rogues chase off the fox before asking them who they are. Maple introduces herself as Maple, and Smallwhisker as her son, Jove. Both cats are asked to join the clan, as ThunderClan needs more warriors, and after considering the offer, the two agree. They come back, and Mapletail takes an interest in the herbs, so Grayflower offers to train her as a medicine cat, to which Mapletail eagerly agrees. Smallwhisker is crushed by this news, but nevertheless, still remains in a good relationship with his mother. He forms a close bond with Grayflower's daughter, Brightkit, and at the end of the book, is assigned as her mentor.

Education Edit

Mentor(s): Nightheart, Mapletail

Apprentice(s): Brightpaw

Family: Edit

Mother: Mapletail

Quotes Edit

"A medicine cat? Why not a warrior?"- Smallwhisker to his mother, Mapletail on her decision on becoming the next medicine cat of ThunderClan

Family Tree Edit

Mapletail-Unknown rogue

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