WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

SmokexCrystal is the romantic relationship between Smokefoot and Crystalheart, seen only in the Dirty Little series.

Summary Edit

The Smokefoot in this story is apparently not the Smokefoot from The Bravest series or Erin Hunter's warrior series, for this is a RiverClan cat, which causes much confusion. Crystalheart is still from SkyClan and still a medicine cat, but her description is slightly different (instead of a black spot being on her ear, their is a black diamond shape on her chest. This is saddening couple; both cats die, along with their son and daughter, and their tale is not for the tender-hearted.

Dirty Little Secret Edit

Smokefoot and Crystalheart have not been mentioned by name, but it is said by their author that it is, indeed, the same cats, which just causes more confusion.
The story is mainly from Crystalheart's point of view, and though there is no dialogue, the story is easy to follow. The couple is apparently by the gorge in WindClan territory when lightning strikes the edge and Smokefoot falls in. Crystalheart feels a kicking and 'knows that all is not lost.'
A meeting takes place, and cats start to fight because of accusations towards each other. One a many survived, it is said.
Crystalheart later gives birth and dies, along with a she-kit she had. One kit, Lightningkit, lives, and is taken in by Crystalheart's friend.
Lightningkit becomes Lightningsparks, and knows about his parents. He decides he'll love who he loves, and falls into so with a ShadowClan cat called Sandleaf. He knows he'll be more careful...or will he?

Dirty Little Liar Edit

The coupling is not mentioned at all, except for the fact that their son appears, and ultimately dies.

Theme Song Edit

Bad Boy by Cascada

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown exactly who took care of Lightningsparks, but since it was 'a friend', it was probably Hawkstar, Cloverfang, or Frostpool

(Possible) Tree Edit

                         / \
                Stormclaw  Smokefoot--------------Crystalheart
                                        ?        Lightningsparks------Sandleaf

Spoilers end here.

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