Snakepaw is a brown tom with a white chest and a tabby-striped tail.

History Edit

Snakepaw is the son of Goldencloud and Dustfleet. He was one of four kittens that were born on the WindClan/FireClan border. He was trained by his father until FireClan found out he and his siblings were half-Clan. When he and his family were exiled, Snakepaw traveled with his father and brother. Snakepaw's sister, Cinderkit, died soon after Goldencloud met Dustfleet at their Clans' border. Quailpaw, Snakepaw's brother, was given to SnowClan due to the fact that he was severely sick with a sickness only a medicine cat could cure. Afterward, Dustfleet and Snakepaw made their home on SnowClan territory in an old barn. Their status is unknown, but they are probably still alive.

Family Edit

Mother: Goldencloud: Status Unknown

Father: Dustfleet: Status Unknown

Brother: Quailpaw: Living

Sisters: Cinderkit: Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member

            Frostkit: Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member

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