Snowstar is a snowish white she-cat with yellow eyes.

Story Edit

Snowstar was born to Redclaw and Whiteflower, she was the smartest of the kits, she was always the one to know what to do in dangerous situations, when she became a apprentice her mentor was Blackeye, when she was nearly a warrior and it was Leaf-bare, a army came with their leader Death, and her father Redclaw told her about the prophecy "Death will appear and snow will end the pain", the army made slaves of the clans and the leaders of the clans talked with the leader Death to leave and she came to the meeting, Death refused he said he and his army will always live here and would never leave without a fight, then after the meeting Snowpaw became Snowfall and became a mentor, and then the next day the clans came together at the Field (where the meeting takes place) and attacked the armys camp at midnight when they were sleeping, the battle was the longest battle that ever happened and would ever happen in the warriors world (it was longer than half a book), she saw her brother Gingerpaw being killed by Death, Redclaw attacked Death but Redclaw nearly died when Death was standing over Redclaw about to kill him, Snowfall attacked Death when he wasn't paying attention to anything except Redclaw, Snowfall killed Death and the army retreated and then Twolegs came and took some of the weak cats even Redclaw but nobody could stop them because they were to exsausted after the great battle, Snowfall became deputy for a day then Icestar (was on her last life) died from a infection, and Snowfall became Snowstar. She acidentally had a mate and two kits, her mate was Redpelt and her kits were Gingerclaw (after her brother and father) and Whiteheart.

Lives Edit

1. Gingerpaw-gave her the gift of bravery to always be brave to be first in a battle.

2. Foxpelt-gave her the gift of love for her friends and family.

3. Birdkit-gave her the gift of protection like a queen protects her kits.

4. Icestar-gave her the gift of selfishness to always risk her life for others.

5. Flowerheart-gave her the gift of friendship to love and care for others.

6. Yellowclaw-gave her the gift of strength to have the strength to lose friends and fight other cats.

7. Blackeye-gave her the gift of smartness to always make the right desision.

8. Redfire-gave her the gift of honor to honor the warrior code and Starclan.

9. Redclaw-gave her the gift of leadership to lead the clan into war.

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