Sootpaw is a dark gray tom with black paws and tail tip.


Mentor: Lakeberry

Lightning Strikes TwiceEdit

Sootpaw was brought in by Stonestar as a kittypet to be an apprentice. Larkclaw and Spacetail are very mean to him, abd Yewpaw accidentally insults Sootpaw, making him very shy. Faithpaw is very enthusiactic and accidentally scares him.

When Nightpaw sprains his paw, Sootpaw becomes kind of paranoid.

Lakeberry, his mentor, is a very kind she-cat, so this relaxes him somewhat.

When he and Faithpaw are assigned to a hunting mission, he finds the scent of a fox. Since he is shy and is not sure on anything, he goes with Faithpaw's plan to just go back to camp. When a patrol saves them and Larkclaw talks badly of both, it is proven that Sootpaw's inside thoughts were all correct, but that his manner does not suit him.

Coming soon!

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