Splashflower is a dark silver she-cat with blue eyes and black splashes like flowers.


Mate: Eaglescar

Kits: Coalwhisker, Eveningpath

Grandkit: Blazepaw


Not much is known about her except that she was in the battle of Valleyclan and Ledgeclan, and she had Coalkitjust before the battle. Her sister, Cloudface, and her best friend, Cloverfrost, died. She was greatly saddened and it took a huge toll on her activeness. Now she lives as a thinker more than a knower, but it is unknown HOW MUCH she knows. Whether she is actually really smart of not is unknown.

Coalwhisker becomes a warrior, and Splashflower is pregnant to Eveningkit.

She retires as an elder and dies shortly after. Weirdly, Eaglescar dies at around the same time.

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