Squirrelblaze is a Thunderclan she-cat. She is ginger with two white paws in the front. She is mate to Thunderclan's leader Lightningstar. Her aunt was the leader before Lightningstar,Flightstar. Her father is a flame colored tom named Flameclaw who died during a badger attack. Her mother is a light yellow she-cat named Sunpelt.

Dark moons book one a dark shadow(going to make)

Squirrelkit and Lightningkit are born in this book. They are both kidnapp by Shadowclan during a attack,but are brought back. and many other things happen.

Dark moons book 2 dawn's light(going to make)

a six moon time skip. Lightiningkit and Squirrelkit becomes apprentices and many other thing happens.

Dark moons book 3 Never forget

Lightningpaw and Squirrelpaw confess there love and many more things happen

Dark moons book 4 Blaze

Squirrelpaw and lightningpaw becomes warriors Squirrelblaze and Lightningstorm and more things happen

dark moons book 5 the war begins

evil rouges come to the forest

dark moons book 6 peace

the war ends

A journey book 1 the time

twolegs are destroying the clan again

a journey book 2 time to let go

the cats relived they must leave the forest and try to get the clans to go and many more things happen

a journey book 3 its begin

the cats start to go away from the clans. and many more things happen like Lightningstorm becomes deputy of thunderclan

a journey book 4 new home

the cats find there new home in the mountains

a journey book 5 the rise

the clans adjust to there new terrioty

a 6 moon time skip Flightstar dies and Lightningstorm becomes the new leader of Thunderclan

a journey book 6 together

rouges come again to bring pay back and the clans together win and Squirrelblaze gives birth to her and Lightingstorms kits Flightkit she-cat and Sunkit she-cat


mother:Sunpelt starclan member

father:Flameclaw starclan member

mate:Lightningstar living as of a journey book 6 together

kits:Flightkit and Sunkit living as of a journey book 6 together

Aunt:Flightstar starclan member

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