Starlingmist is a dark gray tabby she-cat with a longhaired tail.

First's TimeEdit

In this book, she first appears in the prologue, as a Starclan cat. Starlingmist was the starling in Lionflame's riddle, and Ravenwind was the raven/crow. She was a laid back she-cat, but when the prophecy was mentioned, she became serious at once. Ravenwind froze in the middle of mid-lick, and his eyes stared at nothing for a second.

Lionflame said the message of the pool to Violetbloom, who was perplexed by it. Then they vanished into the mist.

She is not mentioned again until the moonmist chapter, where Eveningpaw is brought with Fieldstar to the moonmist. Eveningpaw accidentally appears in Fieldstar's dream, and all cats were shocked. Starlingmist was staring at her with disbelief, at either her sudden and unexpected appearance, or something else. When the two wake up, none mention anything.

She was mentioned at the old warrior that caught a rabbit at an early (kit) age, twice the size of her, and a pheasant at late-elder age, by Parsleyfrost.

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