Stormfall is a fluffy dark gray she-cat with yellow eyes and a white underbelly.

Grayfeather's Curse Edit

Stormfall becomes with a cat named, Grayfeather in StarClan. Grayfeather explains to her why she died. Stormfall sits beside her and asks did she have loved ones. Grayfeather nodded her head and Stormfall tried to comfort her saying, I never had any kits or mate but I know how it feels. Grayfeather gets granted to go to Gatherings. Stormfall feels left out because she doesn't spend much time with Grayfeather anymore.

When Stormfall sees Grayfeather cuddling with Bushpelt she feels left out and decides not to talk to Grayfeather anymore. Grayfeather feels sad abut eventually gets over it and becomes friends with a cat named, Sweetsong. Stormfall doesn't talk to Grayfeather for a while but watches over Bushpelt. Stormfall devolps a close relationship with Bushpelt and walks with him in his dreams.

She eventually has a crush on Bushpelt but she knows he's with Grayfeather. Stormfall doesn't really care and asks him if he likes anyone. Bushpelt is startled by this question and answers yes. Stormfall smiled and visits him at Gatherings as well. Grayfeather is jealous by this and tells Bushpelt not to see Stormfall anymore. Stormfall heart breaks and she is no longer friends with Grayfeather. Bushpelt has stopped seeing Stormfall, and he only seeks out Grayfeather at Gatherings.

LittleLeaf's Vision Edit

Littleleaf is seen playing with Stormfall when they were kittens. Stormfall visits Littleleaf in her dreams and Stormfall always seems a bit sad. Littleleaf asks her what's wrong and Stormfall replies, I loved this one ct=at but he chose my friend over me. Littleleaf asks who but Stormfall doesn't answer.

After this conversation, Stormfall disappears and doens't come back for Littleleaf. Littleleaf feels sad and doesn't get over this for a while.

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