Stormpaw is a dark grey (almost black) she-cat.

Before BrookClan Edit

Stormpaw was the daughter of Spottedfur and Redfoot and the sister of Mallowpaw and Owlpaw. She died in a way that apparently somehow involved Longleg.

Her niece, Stormkit, was named in honor of her.

Cruelty Edit

She does not appear but her brother, Mallowclaw, briefly mentions her.

Longstar's Nine Lives Edit

Stormpaw gives Longstar a life. The new leader seems to blame herself for the apprentice's death.

Family Edit

Mother: Spottedfur - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Father: Redfoot - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Maternal Grandparents Edit

Morningfur - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Mallowface - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Nephew Edit

Lightkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Nieces Edit

Stormwing - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Rosestream - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Mothflower - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Leafheart - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Great-Nieces Edit

Honeypaw - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Fawnpaw - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Great-Nephew Edit

Sandpaw - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Siblings Edit

Mallowclaw - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Owlfang - Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member

Tree Edit

Morningfur ---------------------- Mallowface
                        Spottedfur -------------------------------------------------------- Redfoot
                                        |                     |                    |
                                        |                 Mallowclaw             Stormpaw  Willowmist --------- Unknown Tom   
                                        |                                                                |
       Unknown She-Cat --------------- Owlfang ------------------------------ Poppyleaf                  |    
                       |            |               |                   |                                |  
                     Shadow        Seed        Mothflower           Rosestream --------------------- Deernose
                                                                                 |        |       |       
                                                                             Sandpaw  Fawnpaw    Honeypaw

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