Striker is a minor character and the leader of BloodClan in the fanfic RainClans' Beginning.


Striker is a massive black and white patchy tom.

Book AppearancesEdit

Striker is first seen in BloodClan. He listens to a report from two of his guards, Scratch and Hiss, and sends one of his guards to kill Scratch when she tells him of something that she shouldn't have done. However, after Hiss tells him of a group that disobeys him, Striker calls the guard back back and orders Scratch to create a patrol to "Deal with them." He then leaves the area, unaware that Rainstar and Acornfoot were watching. He is not seen in a while after this.

More coming soon!

Family, Education, NamesEdit

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Education: Unknown

Kit, Unknown

Guard, Striker

Second-In-Command, Striker

Leader, Striker

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