Sunstorm is a thick-pelted black tom with pale-yellow eyes. He is brother of Icethroat, and is a warrior of WingClan.

Family Edit

When Sunstorm became an apprentice, his mentors varied from day to day. He had no official mentor, but he often went on patrols with Icepaw and Wingfrost, or Featherfall and Leafpaw.

When he became a warrior, Wingfrost let him choose his own name. He chose the name Sunstorm because his pelt was very thick, and his eyes were the color of the sun during a storm where only a small part of the clouded sun was visible.

Now, Sunstorm is friends with and mate of Leafburn, and is mentor of his son, Cloverpaw.

Family and Education Edit

Mother: Lilystripe

Father: Blackscar

Half-Aunts: Flarefang, Gingerheart, and Fireflash

Sister: Icethroat

Mate: Leafburn

Daughters: Rainpaw and Dapplepaw

Son: Cloverpaw

Mentors: No one sole mentor.

Apprentices: Cloverpaw.

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