Tawnyclaw Edit

Tawnyclaw is a cream colored she-cat with thick, long fur and blue eyes. She's the deputy of MistClan.

Family and Education Edit

Mentor: Hawkfeather (Deceased, Suspected StarClan member)

Apprentices: Pineheart, Oakwhisker, Mistyclaw, Stormpelt, Cloverpaw

Sire: Thornheart (Deceased, Suspected StarClan member)

Dame:Jaystar (Deceased, Verified StarClan member)

Sister(s): Willowstep, Sageleaf

Brother: Redfur

Nephew(s): Cedarfang (Deceased, Suspected StarClan member)


Niece(s): Stormpelt


Lionfur (formerly, living as of Dark Visions)

Oakwhisker (current, living as of Dark Visions)

Daughter: Brokensong

Son: Tigerblaze

Role in Dark Visions Edit

Tawnyclaw is a minor character throughout the whole story.

She is first seen with her sister Willowstep, and nephew, Cedarfang discussing the early leaf-bare.

Her second appearance is when she asks Shadestar whom she should take out for a patrol.

Next, she's seen with her sister Sageleaf, who has recently had a litter of kits.

Then, Willowstep has kits as well, and Tawnyclaw cares for them.

Finally, she is seen at the end of the book with Shadestar, discussing the prophecy sent by her mother, Jaystar.

Role in Fallen Star Edit

Tawnyclaw is still the deputy.

She is on a hunting patrol with Tornheart and Cloverpaw and Oakwhisker when they see a tree falling down.

She comes back and reports this to Shadestar.

Later, there is a gathering, and Tawnyclaw is seen arguing with the StreamClan deputy, and former mate, Lionfur over the proof and which clan it affects

Shadestar hushes both quarreling cats, and announces that this affects both clans.

Family Tree Edit

Redfur			Unknown-----Sageleaf	Willowstep-Unknown		Oakwhisker-------Tawnyclaw--Lionfur
		Snakefoot,Stormpelt,UnnamedKits Cedarfang, Unnamed kits		Tigerblaze, Brokensong--Owlfoot

												Unnamed kits

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