Tawnyflower is a young, horny Kit who was raped 38282727 times by Tigerstar and scourge (scourge was eaten by a bird so he isn't mantioned much in the story)

Before BrookClan Edit

Tawnyflower was a newly-named warrior. She was really too young to be having kits; she mated when she was raped by tigerstar when she was just a kit, and gave birth to three horny- ass bitches:

Fuckkit, Peniskit, Sexkit, and Vaginakit. All of them survived and kept getting raped by tigerstar Tigerstar raped Tawnyflower for so long that she died

Mistake Edit

Tawnyflowers son Vaginakit grows up to be Vaginastar and Peniskit is the med cat, PenisPool, healing everyone by... um... Sexkit becomes SexInYourMouth and he forces you to let him rub his penis all through your mouth. FucKit leaves to become a rouge then a Shadowclan warrior named FuckMe. She is Fucked by tigerstar again and has 21 kits named liokuy holykut and joykit they became mlg and prophecy and they become lioblayne holyleef and joyfather.

Forever along army u

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