"You really outdid yourself this time! I cried, Angel!"
- Hannah, my friend in real life

"I don't like that you made my character mental...but, still, I WANT THE SEQUEL!!!"
- Autumn, my other friend in real life

The Bravest is a fanfiction story by User:Cloverfang.

POV's Edit

Prologue: Gorsestar
Chapter 1-Epilogue: Cloverfang

Rating Edit

K+, PG, E+10, Extreme

Blurb Edit

There will be one Clover, who will hold more good or evil than any cat, living or dead, has ever seen before...

Meet Cloverfang, an adventurous and free-willed warrior who loves her Clan and everyone in it...almost everyone. What happens when one cat holds a dark secret and Cloverfang learns more about her friend than she ever hoped for?

Memorable Quotes Edit

"You're, I know you're not. He never truly loved me, did he?" --Mintfur
Will anyone ever truly love me? --Cloverfang

Allegiances Edit


Leader: Hawkstar
Deputy: Blackheart
Medicine Cat: Crystalheart
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Frostpool
Warriors: Cloverfang, Mintfur, Goldenstripes, Lionclaw, Smokefoot, Stormclaw, Redear, Birdsong, Mudspots, Dustfur
Apprentices: Lizardpaw, Sharppaw, Tigerpaw
Queens: Hazel-eyes, Honeypelt
Elders: Whitethorn, Mothshadow
Previous Story:None Next Story:The Fallen

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