By Moonheart


Moonkit's eyes shot open as her mother snatched her by her scruff and scrambled out of the nursery.

"Hey!" Moonkit protested. 

She screeched as she saw them. 5 mangy beasts raced towards her.

"Where's Sparrowkit?" she squealed.

"It's to late." Her father growled.

"NO!!" she burst out and jerked out of her mother's mouth. She sprinted back to the nursery.

"Moonkit!" she heard cats yowling behind her, but she didn't care. She leaped over the bramble wall and pulled Sparrowkit on her back. 

She raced after the Clan, the beasts just fox-lengths away. She put on a burst of spead and sprang onto her mother's back as they raced away, leaving their camp behind them.

"Stop!" Littlepaw shreieked, but it was too late. 

SilverClan slid off the edge of the cliff and they plunged into darkness.

"Save the kits!" Waterpelt yowled.

Moonkit felt teeth placing her into place in a pile of moss. She felt Sparrowkit and Lilackit next to her. 

There was a sickening crack and yowls of SilverClan as they hit the ground.

Chapter 1Edit

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