Thrushwing is a brown tom with a gray speckled chest and belly.

History Edit

Thrushwing mentored Brokenfoot, who was Brokenpaw then. Thrushwing at first got frustrated with his apprentice, but soon became used to the apprentice's odd ways of hunting and fighting. Brokenpaw could not hunt at first, so Thrushwing made him gather moss and clean nests. Thrushwing often complained to the other warriors about his apprentice. Soon, he took the apprentice out for battle training. Brokenpaw fought fiercely, and earned his mentor's respect at last. Thrushwing taught the apprentice how to hunt using only three legs, and how to stalk prey. Brokenpaw was a fast learner. Many moons later, the camp was attacked by ShadowClan warriors. Brokenpaw and Thrushwing fought together, but Thrushwing was struck in the throat. Brokenpaw went in a rage, and drove the rest of the warriors that were attacking him away. As Thrushwing died, he told Brokenpaw how proud he was to fight beside his apprentice. He also told him that he would be the best warrior SnowClan had ever seen. Once the medicine cat, Mothflight, reached Thrushwing's side, he was dead.

Education Edit

Mentor: Speckleflower

Apprentices: Fangtooth, Brokenfoot

Family Edit

Mother: Grayfoot - Deceased, Suspected Member of StarClan

Sister: Silverwing - Deceased, Suspected Member of StarClan

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