Thunderstar was origanaly born to Rosestorm and Fruitstorm  of Thunderclan.But when the war of the war of the clans began he was


taken by Rosestorm to the two leg place where they would live out threre lives as kitteypets.

A New Beginning Edit

Six moons had passed since the beginning of the clan war. Thunderpaw, a.k.a Trident, his mother and brother Boldpaw, a.k.a Stuffy, were owned by a Twoleg named Sofia and her mother Rachel. One day Trident snuck off into the forest to see what was in there because his mother refused to tell him and Stuffy.  After walking through a few miles Trident saw two riverclan cats attacking a cat named Speedpelt and saved him. Speedpelt wondered how he could fight and Thunderpath answered. Suddenly two cats,  Firestar  and Greystripe appeared.  At the first second Trident was afraid they were going to attack but Speedpelt told him they were allies. Firestar had realised that Trident was one of the cubs of Rosestorm and Fruitstorm. Firestar told him that he had witnessed the battle between him and the two riverclan cats.Trident asked if they could take him to thundercan camp.Firestar voted with the others and they agreed to take him to camp.  

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