Appearance: cream she-cat with darker cream stripes on her tail and legs with beautiful forest green eyes


Mother: Blackfang

Father: Rosepelt (deceased)

Sisters: Rosepetal, Swiftpaw


Vinetail was abounded as a kit, so she never knew who her parents were. Once as an apprentice when she got back from a patrol, the old medicine cat, Wolffeather, smelled blood on her and said "it's a sign from Starclan! Only blood will light your path, you cannot change your destiny -" Wolffeather said, right before dying. She was exiled but 2 moons later she got welcomed into a different clan, Dawnclan. But she still remembers that terrible day and wonders, 'what does it mean?'

Vinetail is a quirky, fierce, young she-cat. She can sometimes be a little shy but she can also get wild

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