Hello, and welcome to the world of Wikia's! This wiki was made so Warrior Cat fans could make their own character pages here! Upload images here for your fanfic cat, spell out their history, and have fun! For more information, just the

of this wiki! Anyone can help us build and improve, and we encourage all Warriors fans to do so. It was started August 20, 2009, and currently contains 862 articles. The main page is here.

How Do I Help Out? Edit

Anonymous users are welcome as anyone, but we suggest you Create An Account and Log in. This hides your I.P. address (for the very cautious) and gives other users a name to associate you with. Please note that you may (and probably should) use a made-up name instead of your real name for safety reasons.

Some Standards Set Edit

Lists v.s. Articles Edit

  • At Warriors Characters Wiki, we prefer that you have sperate articles for the characters/Clans/couples instead of long lists, to avoid confusion and collision. The more specific, the better!
  • If you can create a page about even the most obscure characters, by all means, go ahead! We'd be please that you'd do so.

Fanfiction Rules Edit

User Behavior Edit

  • We ask you to refrain from using foul language (darn, heck, oh my gosh, sucks, and crud are the only words allowed). Trust us, if other people think it's a cuss word, then DON'T SAY IT! You will be warned if you do happen to say a foul word. If you say a very bad word (e.g. the F-word or the C-word), you will be banned immediately.
  • DO NOT harm users purposely and rudefully. That is incredibly bad, and is cyberbullying/flaming. This includes threatening users sexually, verbally (i.e. I'm going to kill you!) or cussing them, even if you are mad at them. People have commited suicide because they were flamed.
  • Don't spam or vandalize (e.g. replacing the content of a page with 'This page sucks!')!

Non-Warrior Cat Pages Edit

  • We ARE NOT allowed to make pages on anything non-warrior cat! This includes fan-characters for Sonic the Hedgehog, Spyro the Dragon, Pokemon, Fox McCloud, ect...

Correct Grammar and/or Spelling Edit

  • How hard is it to use correct English (or whatever your language)? You know, using too when saying '(name of page) wanted to fight too!' not 'two' or 'to'. Try to keep text-talk out of mainspace, 'k?
  • Don't use your signature when editing mainspace! That is one place you DON'T sign out off! Only sign off on project pages, talk pages, or user pages (yours!)

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