Whiteheart Edit

Whiteheart is a white she-cat with yellow eyes.

Story Edit

Whiteheart was born to Snowstar and Redpelt, once when she was a kit she used to sneak into the medicine cat den and check out the herbs and mixtures and she always watched the medicine cat (Fireblaze) and learn how to heal cats, when she became a apprentice she came the Medicine cat apprentice and learned quickly, and when she became a Medicine cat she found out a way to help cats that got bitten by a snake (the mixture is get a rose petal and a bit ginger and chew it into a kind of paste and make the cat swallow it and then the cat feel much better the next day.) her apprentice was Creampaw (Creamflower). She was the first to know that her brother Gingerclaw was eating kittypet food, she told the Leader (and her mother and his mother) about it and Snowstar said to tell him its his choice where he lives, and Gingerclaw became a kittypet and now his name is now Jake. She met Fireclaw at a gathering (he's in Rockclan) and she knew she shouldn't but they fell in love and had three kit, Rabbittail, Butterflywing and Redheart, she is now a warrior and Creamflower is the Medicine cat.